Royal Navy

The UWF Royal Navy is hereby commissioned to protect and expedite merchant operations on the high seas, hunt down pirates and destroy the waterbound orc menace that plagues our oceans. It may also serve as a flotilla for shard-wide or guild events.

UWF Royal Navy ships can be identified by having the UWFRN insignia preceding the name of the ship (IE: UWFRN Event Horizon).

MadMartyrEvent HorizonOrcNew Magincia
MadMartyrDauntlessBritannianNew Magincia
MadMartyrVanguardOrcNew Magincia
MadMartyrDefiantGargoyleNew Magincia
MadMartyrCreteBritannianNew Magincia
MadMartyrMalignedBritannianNew Magincia
MicaPink StarlineOrcSkara Brae
Danithan LarkinIntrepidBritannianSkara Brae
CorujaThe Beacon DestroyerOrcTrinsic
Jolly RogerThe WonderBritannianTrinsic
ShadowspawnHungry HippoOrcZento
Jimmy DeanGlobal VariableOrcSkara Brae

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