Code of Conduct


As an adult guild, UWF works very hard to avoid being heavy-handed. Because our members are adults, we believe that they should be able to play the game however they choose. Our only rules are those necessary to the preservation of our essential mission: to enhance fun and mute drama.

Definition of Guildmate

A guildmate is defined as any person who has at least one active character in UWF, and identifies themselves as such to you. This is a good faith identification, and serves to limit drama.


UWF has thirteen basic rules — five everyday rules, and eight governing Felucca ventures.

Everyday Rules

  1. NO nonconsensual attacks on guildmates or their pets. PKing of guildmates is not tolerated. This is a zero-tolerance rule
  2. NO Stealing or Snooping skills on guilded characters. This includes so-called “Arti Thieves”. This is a zero-tolerance rule
  3. NO Stealing or Snooping from guildmates. This is a zero-tolerance rule
  4. NO drama in Guild Chat. This includes the following:
    • Arguments — If you must argue, meet up in-game or use a messaging service.
    • Cursing — As a member of an adult guild you should be able to control your typing.
    • Racism — Skin tones or nationality are not relevant in an online game.
    • Sexism — Genitals have no bearing on worth.
    • Religion — Conversion or Informational.
    • Politics — Discussion of current adversarial governing system, its members, or prominent issues.
    • Ad Hominem Attacks – Personal attacks or threats.
    • Trolling — To make a deliberately offensive or provocative statement with the aim of eliciting a response which may be negative.
  5. NO scamming — This includes trade window scams, deceptive pricing, and chargeback scams. This is not limited to guildmates.

Felucca Rules

  1. NO organization or coordination of Felucca events in Guild Chat. You may call out once in Guild Chat that you are planning an adventure in Fel, then meet up and party to discuss details and communicate (or use our Discord server).
  2. NO calling for help when in Felucca. If you die in Fel and call for help, you are putting both your guildmates and those hunting with you at risk.
  3. NO guild tags in Felucca. When in Fel, turn off your guild tag and title. This serves to protect you and your guildmates from being targeted by association.
  4. NO PKing guildmates in our Everyday Rules also applies to Felucca ruleset. If a Blue or Green character identifies themselves as UWF and you do not ask them leave, instead PKing them, you are in violation of that rule.
  5. NO raiding the spawns of — or attacking — UWF guildmates. Raiding spawns or leading others to raid spawns of guildmates, whether you are on a guilded character or not, is tantamount to theft under our Everyday Rules.
  6. Good manners in Felucca should be exercised when reasonable. If you come across a UWF member running a spawn, ask for permission to join. If the person at the spawn does not grant you permission to join the hunt, then it is your responsibility to leave. If you refuse to leave a Champ Spawn or other high-risk/-reward scenario after being asked, then you will be subject to immediate removal under our NO Stealing rule.
  7. If a UWF member refuses to leave a spawn or other Felucca activity after being asked to desist, then it is your responsibility to determine if you can safely complete that activity without incident. Upon leaving, or completion of the activity, seek an Emissary for relief.
  8. If a UWF member is intentionally attacked by another UWF member they have the right to defend themselves, but should work to exit such scenarios rather than concluding the fight with a PK.

Incident Management

At times an Emissary may call members to the Guild House. Members are expected to respond in a timely manner, and failure to do so may result in removal from the guild until either the incident is resolved or that player presents to the Emissary or the Guild Leader for explanation and inspection.

Violations to most of our rules are met with Warnings, and after repeated warnings for the same offense(s) players may be removed from the guild. Other rules — such as those regarding PKing, Stealing, and Scamming — result in immediate removal from the guild.

Incident Relief

Members experiencing an issue should follow these steps for relief if effected by a problem

  • If the issue is with a guildmate, seek relief from an Emissary
  • If the issue is with an Emissary, seek relief from the Guild Leader

Non-members experiencing an issue with a UWF member should use our Contact form to inform UWF leadership of the problem.

Document History

[June 17, 2018 by MadMartyr] Clarification of Felucca rules.


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