Contacting Leadership

Whether you wish to join the guild, add an alternate character, or have an issue with one of our members, there are a number of ways to contact a member of UWF leadership.

  1. If you wish to join, have an issue for the Guild Master, or just wish to sit in on a Guild Meeting: Come to our Guild House at 9PM Eastern Time on any Tuesday (see video below for directions).
  2. If you have an issue that is not immediate and you are not a member: Email MadMartyr (an Emissary) directly at madmartyr[at]uwf[dot]rocks.
  3. If you have an issue that is not immediate, you are a member, and cannot reach an Emissary in-game: Use the Private Messaging (PM) system on the forums to contact an Emissary (see video below for instructions).
  4. If you have an issue that is immediate: Message MadMartyr#1094 directly via Discord.

Getting to the Guild House

Starting at Luna Moongate, exit the moongate area to the East, then turn South at the intersection. Follow the road South and then turn West. At the next intersection, turn South again and follow the South wall to the East until you see the second glacial-colored statue. Clicking this statue will take you directly to the front yard of the GH.


Currently, in Trinsic, it is 82° and Sunny.

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