Establish and maintain an environment emphasizing fun, fellowship and mutual support. Offer adequate routine and special events to keep people interested and challenged in a non-threatening environment avoiding controversy and “drama” as much as possible.


Achieve and maintain the reputation as the best Trammel PvM guild on the Atlantic shard based upon perception of member satisfaction, organization, mutual support and member integrity.

Achieve and maintain at least the second largest membership of veteran players on the Atlantic shard.

There are five principle elements to the plan:

  1. Leadership and Organization
    1. Establish and maintain a formal leadership structure not dependent on a Guild Master or Co-Guild Master for success.
      1. Select, empower and retain people knowledgeable of UO processes and skills, and UWF goals and processes that also possess exemplary people skills to serve as Emissaries.
      2. The role of this formal UWF leadership team is to promote and assist in the recruitment of new members, lead guild hunts, assist in other activities, assist in making new members feel welcome, serve as a source of information to other members, and serve as an example for other unofficial leaders and guild members to follow.
    2. Avoid focusing on any single activity, avoid any alliances and affiliations outside of the guild, avoid the formation of any official sub-groups within UWF that are likely to be non-inclusive and could potentially alienate a significant portion of the UWF membership or run counter to the UWF mission and vision.
  2. Recruitment
    1. Ensure UWF rules of conduct are known to all existing and potential members — [1] Have fun, [2] Respect each other, [3] Avoid any language which may be deemed trolling or unacceptable over guild chat, [4] Do not PK members, [5] Do not snoop or steal from members.
    2. Ensure recruitment standards are established and maintained — [1] Members must be 18 years of age or older unless this requirement is waived by the the Guild Master or co-Guild Master, [2] Recruits must agree to abide by the UWF code of conduct, [3] Membership should not be offered or extended to anyone that appears to be unstable, egocentric, arrogant, incapable of being a team player, or exhibits questionable conduct.
    3. Promote recruitment as a continuous and routine (though very important) activity. Encourage recruitment by recognizing officially those who recruit new members.
  3. Support
    1. Provide players new to the game with basic necessities (e.g. runebooks, spellbooks, basic armor and weapons) as needed from guild supplies. The guild will also provide gold as necessary for players to “buy out” their skills to attain veteran status. Free repair deeds, jewelry and supplies are available in donation chests in the guild house as donated by members. Dye tubs and other crafting stations are also to be provided as amenities in the guild house. Provide a rune library and other modes of travel. Point out or provide low-cost resources. High-value donations are not required, and should not be expected by members.
    2. Encourage guild members to share information and assist other members, especially new members, to master skills.
    3. Encourage guild members to assist each other through the use of their crafting talents.
    4. Encourage guild members to assist other members in trouble, particularly to recover belongings after a death. There is, however, an expectation that members will refrain from repeated and nuisance requests for assistance.
  4. Programs
    1. Provide scheduled guild-sponsored hunts under capable leadership. Hunt Leaders determine hunt location, collect keys if needed, and make reasonable efforts to ensure everyone makes it back to the guild house upon hunt completion.
    2. Schedule special guild-sponsored activities periodically to interest members.
    3. Encourage inclusiveness on unofficial guild hunts and activities.
  5. Communications
    1. As a vital means of guild inclusiveness, guild leadership maintains a web site, forums, and Discord server for the use of all guild members upon their acceptance of any governing Terms of Use.
    2. Conduct a regularly-scheduled, weekly guild meeting to relay information and serve as a social gathering for members.

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