Atlantic Elections: UWF Holds Four Governor Seats!

It is with great pleasure that we announce our members have won four governor seats in the Atlantic elections!

This term, UWF has won four governor seats on Atlantic. We are very proud of our members who now hold these seats, as well as those who turned out to vote! We all look forward to the fun and success these members will bring to the upcoming EM season!


In Britain, our Emissary Bella Donna ran unopposed to seize a second term as governor of this fair city!

Bella Donna accepts her second term as governor of Britain


Trinsic is now governed by another of our intrepid Emissaries, Lady Rain! Lady Rain won this seat with approximately 75% of the vote! Great job

Lady Rain accepts governorship of Trinsic


Dryzzid, a UWF Knight of Honor, won the election on his Veselin Vendevic character to take the seat! Congrats, Dryzzid!

Veselin Vendevic accepts the governor’s seat in Moonglow


Ahz Silverleaf, a relatively new convert to the UWF way of life, ran unopposed to become the governor of this beautiful city. A very hearty congratulations, Ahz!

Ahz Silverlead accepts the role of governor in Yew.

Currently, in Trinsic, it is 82° and Sunny.

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